How to Choose the Right Finishing Equipment for Tube and Pipe Processing

How to Choose the Right Finishing Equipment for Tube and Pipe Processing

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When it comes to tube and pipe finishing equipment, details are everything. The type of finishing equipment can impact surface quality, corrosion resistance and allow for a precision fit and assembly. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different types of finishing equipment and how choosing the right equipment can help you ensure product quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your tube and pipe production process.   

Types of Finishing Equipment  

Are you wondering if you need to invest in another type of finishing equipment? Here’s a list of common tube and pipe finishing equipment and exactly how they can impact your production line and your bottom line.  

Tube Drawing Equipment 

If you’re looking for equipment that gives you the best overall function and finesse for your tube production, a Cartacci Draw Bench is a necessity.  

Cartacci - Draw Benches

Automated Precision  

Not only does it automate the process to shape the length and diameter of the tube, but it also impacts the wall thickness, to the desired specifications.  

Surface Quality  

If a draw bench’s tooling is cared for accordingly and proper lubrication is used, then a draw bench can help ensure a smooth surface on the tube, free from imperfections.  

Tube Straightening Machines  

While a tube straightener might not be top-of-mind when talking about finishing, the reality is, if the tube is bent, the finish doesn’t even matter. So put first things first and invest in a Cartacci Straightener.  

Automated Efficiency 

Save time and money when you streamline your process with a Cartacci Straightener. This tube processing equipment can automatically adjust to straighten any tube or bar that is 10 mm to 340 mm in diameter.  

Customized Solution 

We get it, finding a tube straightener that fits into your existing tube production line can be a challenge, but we’ll customize a Cartacci solution to fit your requirements, whether you need a straightener for a hot or cold process, solid bar or tube and more.  

Tub Cutting and Deburring Machines 

Few things impact the quality of the tube like the quality of the cut end. At Kent Corporation, we can equip you with what you need to achieve perfection that commands a high profit.  

Speed & Precision  

Three seconds is all it takes for our Rotoburr deburring machine to debur the I.D. and O.D. face of a profile, with its dual action rotation. But if that’s not fast enough or you have high volume to process, take a look at Burrmaster, the ultimate automated deburring equipment that can deburr up to 7,200 parts per hour.   


Tube End Finishing Machines 

If a new production opportunity requires different finishing techniques for pipe ends, then keep reading to explore how you can add automation, precision and efficiency to your production line.  

Quality Cuts 

At Kent Corporation, we offer 12 models of Tube Re-cut Machines from two of the world’s leading automatic circular saw system manufacturers: Bewo Cutting Systems and RSA Cutting Systems.  

Automated Speed 

Sometimes a finished end requires pipe swaging, a metalworking process that reduces the diameter of a tube. At Kent Corporation, our Swaging Machines can automatically resize the diameter of the tube with a variety of machinery models to fit your size requirements.  

Consistent Accuracy 

When your job requires a precision fit to join pipes, you’ll need a Roll Grooving Machine. Kent Corporation can help make quality consistent though an automated process to provide precise grooves at a consistent length of the tube or pipe.  

Tube De-dimpling Machines 

A Lean Approach to Manufacturing  

When shear cut quality in your tube and pipe production process is not producing acceptable cuts our De-dimpling Machines can help you return the tube to its original shape, saving you time and money.  

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