ID Scarfing Tools

ID Scarfing Tools

Kent offers retrofit tool holders and mandrels to work with almost all manufacturers’ ID mandrels. This saves the user money by converting to a more standard and less expensive cutting ring. Kent’s ID mandrels and flash roll systems are made in the USA for quicker deliveries of systems, parts and service.

ID Scarfing
  • Industry Leading Phoenix Design
  • 60 Years Experience
  • High Grade Material
  • Longer Lasting Tooling
  • Versatile and Easy to Adjust and Set Up
  • Retrofit Tool Holders and Mandrels
  • Compatible with most Mfg’s ID Mandrels
  • Standardized Less Expensive Cutting Rings
  • Quick Delivery, Parts and Services
  • Made in the USA
Scarffing Tool Diagram
Vince Gagliardi

Vince Gagliardi

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