Tube Mill Scarfing Inserts

Tube Mill Scarfing Inserts

Kent Corporation stocks the widest variety of OD scarfing tools in the industry today! This gives you access to a wide variety of tools at a moments notice. We stock a full line of “63” series 4-sided OD scarfing tools, 6-sided OD scarfing tools, and various common sizes in “86” series 4-sided OD scarfing tools and 3 sided tube chamfering tools for your tube scarfing application.

Super fast scarfing tool shipment:

Whether your end product is a 5/8” OD tube, 6” OD tube, or anywhere in between, a Kent Corporation OD scarfing tool can handle your tube size. This wide selection of tools gives you a one-stop shop for all your OD scarfing tool and carbide needs.

Titanium Nitride and Aluminum Oxide coated Scarfing Tools in stock:

Kent Corporation offers you a choice in OD scarfing tool coatings for different scarfing applications. These coatings allow you to have the right product for your application whether it is a high speed, high heat application or the run of the mill tube scarfing job.