Flying Cut-Off Machines

Tube Mill Flying Cut-Off

Cut your tubing with speed and precision. As an exclusive distributor of MTM flying cut-off saws, we’re proud to offer state-of-the-art cut-off machines to cut round or shaped steel tubing to specific lengths for a more precise cut.

When compared to flying shear cutoffs, these saws offer several advantages. Our MTM flying cut-off saw delivers a superior cut at a lower cost and requires less maintenance. While shears may have faster cutting times, the MTM saw is one of the fastest and most reliable options available in the market.

At Kent Corporation, we offer a wide range of tube cut-off machines to suit different requirements. Our selection includes single-blade cold saws (HSS and TCT), dual-blade orbital cold saws (Comby), friction saws, single-blade punch and double-knife (dimple-free) machines. To find the best solution for your tube mill, please reach out to our knowledgeable product specialists.

Flying Cut-Off


Precision cuts
Less maintenance required
Cost effective
Increased speed


Cuts round or shaped steel tubing
Cold cuts with single blade
Orbital cuts
Reduced burr formation


Rack and pinion transmission
AC, DC or linear motor for acceleration of carriage
Ability to vary length of cutting without stopping tube mill
Penetration axis electronically controlled
Control pulpit provided with PC-based HMI machine interface
Auto diagnostic interface
Displaying production statistics and operation diagnostics
Interface to in-line non-destructive test
Electronically controlled lubrication system
Hydraulic/mechanical blocking jaws
Short cuts for scrap tube capability (scrap optimization)
Electronic adjustment of blade speed according to material characteristics
Saw blade quick change
Easy-to-use, PC-based graphic interface

MTM Flying Cut-Off Saw Characteristics

ModelMin. Diameter (IN)Max. Diameter (IN)WT Min. (IN)WT Max. (IN)Cutting ProcessToleranceMax. CutsMax. Speed (FT/MIN)
TC400 RAD--0.0080.014P±0.012500394
A25 SK0.2361.10.0080.047P±0.020150656
A25 SC0.39410.020.059C±0.03950591
A50 CS0.3941.50.020.1C±0.03936591
A71 CS0.53.150.0280.177C±0.03930591
A71 FS0.53.150.0280.236F±0.03930591
A100 CS1.560.040.236C±0.05925394
A100 FS1.56.6150.040.315F±0.05925394
A200 FS3100.080.4F±0.10015262
A206 COMBY2.56.6150.0590.5COMBY±0.05915262
A208 COMBY38.6250.080.5COMBY±0.05915200
Above sizes are general recommendations, please contact us to discuss your specific application.
ModelMin. Diameter (MM)Max. Diameter (MM)WT Min. (MM)WT Max. (MM)Cutting ProcessTolerance (MM)Max. CutsMax. Speed (m/min)
TC400 RAD--0.20.3P±0.3500120
A25 SK10280.21.2P±0.5150200
A25 SC10250.51.5C±1.050180
A50 CS10380.52.5C±1.036180
A71 CS12800.74.5C±1.030180
A71 FS12800.76F±1.030180
A100 CS3815216C±1.525120
A100 FS3816818F±1.525120
A200 FS76254210F±2.51580
A206 COMBY631681.512.7COMBY±1.51580
A208 COMBY76219212.7COMBY±1.51560
Above sizes are general recommendations, please contact us to discuss your specific application.

Cutting Process Legend:

CCold Saw
FFriction Saw
DDimple Free
COMBYMTM Orbital Cold Saw Process

Maintenance Support

Whether you need preventative or emergency maintenance for your coil processing equipment, you can count on Kent Corporation. We’ll be your partner for the long term.


Contact Kent Corporation to learn more about the MTM Tube Mill flying cut-off saw.

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