Quickly remove sharp burrs from single ends of tubes, bars and other metallic profiles.

The Rotoburr from Kent Corporation uses dual action brush rotation to completely deburr the I.D. and O.D. face of a profile in less than 3 seconds. This single-end tube deburring machine has been trusted by engineers, maintenance and production leaders since 1971.

The Rotoburr can deburr rounds, shapes, solids, extrusions and mitered ends of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The Rotoburr can be manually fed with light pressure by an operator or robot-fed as part of a work cell.

  • No tools or dies required
  • No need to spin the tube
  • Quick-change brushes
  • Portable work area
  • Variable brush speed option

Quiet and Vibration Free

The dual action motion eliminates the need to spin the part, reducing noise and vibration.


The typical deburr cycle for the Rotoburr is under two seconds per end. The machine quickly adjusts to allow diameter size changes in seconds. This results in less downtime for changeovers.

Consistent Finish

Simultaneous OD/ID deburring without the need to rotate the tube gives consistent finishes.

Rotoburr Specifications

Brush Width0.5"6.00"
Brush OD12"12"
Nate Getz

Nate Getz

Sales Specialist

I'm dedicated to fully understanding our Rotoburr deburring machine and all parts and accessories for our products. I also work closely with our partner DieTronic to know the ins and out of their LCP-AntiRust system. I can help you find the best solution for your needs. Fill out the form and I'll be glad to reach out