Bewo Cutting Systems

Bewo Cutting Systems

Kent Corporation is the sole North American agent for Bewo Cutting Systems. Contact our team to learn more.

Since our partnership began in 2009, we have been offering our clients the world’s leading automatic circular sawing systems. Netherlands-based Bewo has been producing industrial cutting systems since 1936. Their tube recut machines and other processing equipment allow you to automate more of your finishing line to improve efficiency and safety.

Tube Recut

With a variety of automated circular sawing systems from Bewo, you’ll find exactly what you need. Their tube recut machines include manual saws and high-speed auto saws that can efficiently cut different styles of tubes and solid materials.

Additional Processing Equipment

Once your tube has been cut, are you continuing to process it in the most efficient manner? Bewo offers additional processing equipment that can easily integrate into your finishing line.

  • Deburring – Bewo offers the SCD-90 brush deburring machine and SCD-60 short tube brush deburring machine to handle different lengths and shapes of tubes. You’ll get optimal deburring results with automatic settings and handling.
  • Measuring – Bewo’s Soltair measuring table can quickly measure tubes up to 3,000 mm. Its digital readout helps when measuring tube lengths that need to be within a specific tolerance range.
  • Cleaning – The TCM-90 cleaning machine ensures your tubes are in pristine condition after sawing. You’ll be able to quickly wash and dry tubes with automatic machines that can keep up with the fastest sawing lines.
  • Stacking – Bewo offers the SCR-90 stacking robot, which features different grippers and multiple stacking positions. You’ll be able to rely solely on the machine to stack tubes after you’ve programmed the robot through an easy, user-friendly process.