Packaging Systems

Packaging Systems

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Kent Corporation partners with Cartacci to offer a complete line of packaging systems for tube production. Available for round, square and rectangular tubing, these systems are available with fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual operations. All of our bundling systems are customizable to fit your productions needs. These systems also integrate seamlessly with Kent Corporation finishing tools, including our dedimpling and deburring machines. Contact us for more information.

Packaging Systems

Available options

Bundle draining station
Bundle weighing station
Bundle wrapping
Automatic bundle shape selection
Labeling station
Cody Kothera

Cody Kothera

Vice President of Sales

As Vice President of Sales, I can answer any questions you may have about our all-day coil systems, strip accumulators, and DieTronic's strip lubrication systems. At Kent Corporation, we can find the best solution for your industry needs. Fill out the form below and I'll be glad to reach out.