RSA Cutting Systems

RSA Cutting Systems

Kent Corporation’s partnership with RSA Cutting Systems ensures that our customers get tube recut machines from one of the world’s leading automatic circular sawing system manufacturers. Contact our team to learn more about their cutting systems and other processing equipment.

RSA’s products, which are made in Schwerte, Germany, can easily integrate into your production line. Each tube recut machine is efficient and accurate. And, they can be modified over their lifetime, so you’ll always get the most out your circular sawing system as your production needs change.

Tube Recut Machines

We offer different models of tube recut machines so you can get an optimal system for high-production rates, precision, automation, flexibility and ease of operation.

Additional Processing Equipment

After cutting your tube, are you still able to efficiently process it? RSA Cutting Systems offers additional processing equipment that can easily integrate into your finishing line.

  • Deburring – RSA offers six fully automatic RASAPLAN deburring systems that can handle different lengths of tubes to give you optimal deburring results with automatic settings and handling. Their deburring systems can be linked to other machines or used on their own.
  • Measuring – RSA’s RASACHECK measuring system modules measure each tube and automatically reject parts that do not fit within your specific tolerances. If a set number of pieces are rejected, the saw will stop so you can address any issues, saving you time and money.
  • Cleaning – The RASACLEAN ET and RASACLEAN SK cleaning systems can handle tubes, sections and solid bar after deburring or separation.
  • Stacking – Easily stack tube after being processed with the RASAPORT PR and RASAPORT AS. RSA’s stacking robots eliminate the need for manual packing with short set-up times and easy adjustments for varying containers.
  • Chamfering – RSA’s chamfering and facing systems offer high output, incredible precision and short conversion times for tube and solid bars. The dry cutting process and easy collection and removal of swarf keep the machines cleaner.