Deburr up to 7,200 parts per hour, offering high output in demanding applications.

With production rates up to 120 pieces per minute, the Burrmaster quickly and effectively removes burrs from rounds, shapes, solids and extrusions. The Burrmaster from Kent Corporation has been trusted by tube mills and tube fabricators to deburr ends since 1971.

The Burrmaster tube deburring machine can be linked up to new or existing cut-off machine.

  • Easy set up and high production rates allow operation both in-line and off-line
  • One fixed head and one moveable head to adjust for length requirements
  • Dust collection system
  • Full range of brushes available based on application
  • Bank control to accept tubes automatically from prior process
  • Non-marking features
  • Handles part length of 1 inch to 80 feet and 0.125 inches to 8 inches O.D. round


Simultaneously deburr both ends of a tube or bar. This double-end tube deburrer can deburr up to 4,000 parts per hour.

Automatic Loading

Tubes can be automatically loaded to provide a very high output for the most demanding applications.

Quick Size Changes

Size changes typically done in two minutes or less. Built-in scale allows quick and simple changeovers.

Burrmaster Specifications

BurrmasterMinODMax ODMax SquareMin LengthMax LengthBrush ODBrush Length
Model 050.125"1.75"1"3.75"120"12"12"
Model 05 STR0.375"3"2"3.75"120"12"18"
Model 80.500"3"N/A1.50"40"12"18"
Model 20.500"3.50"2.50"6"120"12"24"
Model 2 STR0.750"5"3"8"120"14"30"
Model 31"6"4"10"120"16"42"
Dean Costello

Dean Costello

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