Tube Deburring

Tube Deburring Machines

When sawing, milling or machining metal components, sharp, dangerous burrs remain, which need to be removed via a deburring method.

Kent Corporation has a complete line of finishing equipment for tube and pipe processing, including two options of tube deburring equipment: the Rotoburr and Burrmaster. Both are trusted solutions used by tube mills and tube fabricators.

With a tube deburring machine from Kent Corporation, you can efficiently deburr metal, meeting the requirement of quality management procedures for safe manufacturing. Each deburring machine is built to the highest standards of engineering excellence, allowing you to achieve a precise, high-quality finish.

If you need deburring equipment to meet your production demands, talk to a Kent Corporation product specialist.


Rotoburr features dual action brush rotation to completely deburr the I.D. and O.D. face of a profile in less than three seconds. The dual action motion also eliminates the need to spin the part, providing extremely quiet, efficient and vibration-free operation.
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The Burrmaster is a double-end tube deburrer offering automatic loading to provide a very high output from the most demanding applications. The Burrmaster can deburr up to 7,200 parts per hour.
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Dean Costello

Dean Costello

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