Saw Blades

Kent stocks saw blades in a variety of standard and metric sizes for many different sawing machines. We can help you choose the most appropriate blade design, tooth geometry and coating for your particular requirements. We offer stocking programs in both TCT and HSS blades and can often ship same day if you are down.


Proper blade selection is the most important step in long blade life and high cut quality. At Kent we can work with your team to determine the proper blade for your application. We offer stocking programs with blanket orders and will send technicians on-site to do blade trials and show you why you should choose our blades.

Whether for flying saw or recut saw blades we can make the proper recommendation on your blades and support you throughout the process.

Friction & Hot Saws

Developed for industrial applications and wear resistant under the most severe cutting conditions, our friction and hot saw blades have all the attributes necessary to improve your cutting operation.

Our friction and hot saw blades are designed for cutting carbon steel in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are used in flying or stationary sawing machines for tube production lines or for cutting grating and other profiles. Optimized for an extra long blade life and no cracking, diameters are available up to 100″(2500mm).

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Lee Pozek

Inside Sales

Lee Pozek

Inside Sales

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