Draw Benches

Draw Bench Machines

Improve the speed and efficiency of your production process with a Cartacci draw bench machine from Kent Corporation. Cartacci sets the bar for excellence in the coil steel processing industry. We partnered with Cartacci Tube Machinery to bring you draw benches to select the exact size and amount of tube needed for your coil steel processing. Each machine is highly engineered and customized based on your requirements.   

We offer a variety of models that range in tonnage and number of pulls. Tonnage ranges from 23 metric tons to 300 metric tons; while the number of tubes that can be drawn come in single, double, triple, quadruple and quintuple pulls. 


  • Increased productivity  
  • Increased safety 
  • Decreased maintenance costs  


  • Computer-based loading system  
  • Automated insertion of mandrel and tube 

Tube Drawing Machine Features*  

  • Draws single, double, triple, quadruple and quintuple pulls* 
  • Tonnage ranges from 23 metric tons to 300 metric tons* 
  • Diameter range: 350-250 mm (1” 3/8 – 9” 7/8)* 
  • Thickness max: 10-22 mm (0.39”- 0.86”)* 
  • Loading system: sliding plane or revolver* 

*Features depend on the model selected 

Continuous Maintenance Support  

Whether you need installation support, preventative or emergency maintenance for your coil processing equipment, you can count on Kent Corporation. We’ll be your partner for the long term.   


Looking for more details about our steel coil processing equipment? Contact Kent Corporation to learn more about the Cartacci Draw Bench.

A Cartacci Draw Bench machine, which offers quality, efficiency and dependability in coil steel processing and steel tube manufacturing.
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Cody Kothera

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