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The STAHL slitting tool robot by MAKE SRL is a robot for coil slitting automation that cleans, preps, inspects and preserves your tools, extending their lifespan.

With two flexible, compact layouts it fits easily in available space, allowing for fast tool handling and eliminating bottlenecks in your slitter tooling operations.

Allowing the robot to manage your slitting tools provides a safer work environment for your operators. This drastically reduces operator fatigue and repetitive motion injuries. In addition, the robot has the ability to run lights out and during any breaks or other interruptions, ensuring your slitter is ready to meet your production needs.

Clean slitting tools mean better cut quality and strip tolerance. The STAHL performs tool cleaning using heat, ultrasonics and detergent, storing them prepped and ready for the next cycle. Dulled or worn knives affect your cut quality. The STAHL maintains superior cut quality by choosing the best knives according to user specs, and it can detect edge wear, too. Knives are inspected for both wear and damage and operators are notified of tools that need attention, so they can be removed and sharpened for future use.

And with the STAHL’s laser-engraved code reading capabilities, the robot can easily detect, identify, and store each tool as well as update the tool database with changes.

With precise, quick tool handling, no-grip and sticky tool separation, and brushless servo motor control, the STAHL extends the lifespan of your tools and ensures your operations meet extremely close tolerances for superior precision, efficiency and product quality.

See our slitting tool equipment in action

View the MAKE SRL STAHL-2 tooling robot in action.

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