OCTG Pipeline Quality Starts in Production

Common Challenges in Tube Mill Equipment and How to Overcome Them

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When there’s a leak in an OCTG pipeline, it leaves both a physical mess and a media mess to clean up. Avoid this situation altogether by investing in equipment for high quality OCTG pipe production. Because when it comes to oil and gas transportation, there is no room for the smallest leak. Read this blog to discover how you can ensure quality OCTG pipes straight from the production line. 

Precision Accuracy 

Precise pipeline sizing can be a headache, but with a Cartacci Draw Bench, it becomes much easier. Drawing the pipe through a series of dies, it reduces the pipe’s diameter, to the exact diameter and thickness required for the final product. This is imperative for an OCTG pipe that needs to fit precisely with another segment.  

Cartacci - Draw Benches

Automated Efficiency 

The Cartacci Draw Bench can increase the efficiency and speed of your OCTG pipeline production. The highly engineered machinery can pull from 23 to 300 metric tons of tube and pipe, drawing up to five tubes or pipe at one time.  

Smooth Surface   

In addition to consistently forming the length, diameter and thickness of the tube or pipe, the Cartacci Draw Bench also smooths the surface. Eliminating scratches, deformities and even seams in tubes and pipes enhances the quality and finish of the end-product. 

Consistent Quality  

Thanks in part to the automation, the Cartacci Draw Bench boasts consistency like no other. As the pipe is drawn through the die, it ensures the entire production run is uniform and consistent.  

When all you need is a straight pipe, length, diameter or thickness isn’t your issue. That was easier said than done before the Cartacci Straightener. Featuring hot or cold straightening machines to fit into your existing production line, Cartacci Straighteners take your bent OCTG pipes and tube and automatically straighten them for consistent quality every time. 

Cartacci - Straighteners

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