Hold Down-Hold Up Peelers

If you need assistance transitioning coils from your uncoiler, a Kent Corporation Peeler can help. This entry equipment can be used in an overwind or underwind application, so the coils can be loaded to come off from the top or bottom.  

A peeler is great for medium to heavy gauge lines in which the operator would have difficulty manually handling the strip. If you use 3” diameter or larger mills, a hold down-hold up peeler will improve the efficiency of your processing and improve operator safety. With a variety of peelers that can work across wide ranges of tube mill sizes, we have the machine that can meet your specifications.

Cody Kothera

Cody Kothera

Vice President of Sales

As Vice President of Sales, I can answer any questions you may have about our all-day coil systems, strip accumulators, and DieTronic's strip lubrication systems. At Kent Corporation, we can find the best solution for your industry needs. Fill out the form below and I'll be glad to reach out.