Setting the Bar High: Kent Corporation Exceeds Customer Service Expectations for Wrax Manufacturing

Setting the Bar High:
Kent Corporation Exceeds Customer Service Expectations for Wrax Manufacturing

Warehouse worker providing customer support to a client

The Problem

Three years ago, Wrax Manufacturing/Vulcan Tube Works purchased their first new tube mill equipment from Kent Corporation. Wrax specializes in producing wire carriers and mechanical steel tubing. Prior to the purchase, Matt Brown, the owner, had initially purchased consumables and used equipment before investing in a new H-Coil for their second tube mill.

During the installation of the H-Coil, Wrax encountered some problems that brought their tubing production (and expected profit) to a halt. To get back on track, they required installation assistance to resolve the problem. They called Kent Corporation.

The Solution

Kent Corporation sent one of their service engineers to Alabama, where Wrax is located. He got to work and solved the installation problems quickly. While he was there, he went above and beyond to find and fix other issues that they had been having, such as the drive, calibration, and tracking problems with the existing cut off. Greg stayed a day later than planned, over the weekend, to assist with the additional problems. This saved Wrax Manufacturing/Vulcan Tube Works an extra month worth of commissioning and installation, if they had worked with another company or done it themselves.

Customer Service

Regarding Kent Corporation’s customer service, Matt Brown said, “Their customer service is top-notch. We didn’t ask for it, but Greg just said, ‘how can I help?’ and he got in there, shoulder to shoulder with our maintenance team, and helped us find efficiencies and solve other issues.”


Wrax Manufacturing/Vulcan Tube Works wasn’t truly running production, but they were expecting to be in production soon. Kent Corporation was able to solve the problems and get the line up and running in just 3.5 days, leaving on a Saturday.

Cost Savings

By having Kent Corp fix the issues, Wrax Manufacturing/Vulcan Tube Works saved thousands of dollars in lost production and service time from other manufacturers and downtime. Overall, the excellent customer service and expertise provided by Kent Corporation allowed Wrax to get back on track and focus on their growing business.

In Numbers…

3.5 days of downtime

3 problems solved

Thousands of dollars saved