Customer Speeds Up Cutting With BEWO SCF-90 Sigma!

Customer Speeds Up Cutting With BEWO SCF-90 Sigma!

Kent Corporation, North Royalton, OH has recently installed a fully automatic circular sawing machine to solve a customer’s requirement for high performance cutting of long length, solid bars up to 2” OD.

The project required accepting a bundle of 40 ft solid bars, with a specially designed automatic bundle loader system for loading via a huge, Four forked side loader. After loading, the machine automatically raises the bundle and de-scrambles the bars, in preparation for pre-loading into the machines feeding system.

A cut length can be up to 20 ft long, so a high-speed roller drive system was selected as the optimum transport feed device. Due to the size and weight of a bundle, the customer could not guarantee the alignment of all bar ends, so an additional transport unit was installed inside the loader, which automatically detects and feeds any misaligned bars to the datum loading position, for transfer to the main cut length roller drive transport unit. The customer also requested as little manual setting as possible, so the entire loading and feeding systems are automatically set.

The product is of a safety critical nature, with material tensile strengths of up to 1100 MPA / 160,000 PSI or 160 KSI. Optimum cutting times of as little as 7 seconds on a 2” OD bar, are achieved by utilizing a stable 12 Hp cutting head with servo feed control and the latest carbide sawblade technology.     

This sawing system is intended to be integrated with additional special purpose equipment, so the customer requested an aligned cut piece discharge, with a height of at least 39” from the floor. This was achieved by using a unique double, retracting and tilting table discharge system.

High levels of operator accessibility but also safety, have been achieved with the use of a combination of fixed fencing, interlocked access doors and multiple light barriers.

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About Kent Corporation
Since 1971, Kent Corporation has led the tubing, roll forming, stamping and strip processing industries around the world with its quality machinery, advanced engineering and unmatched customer service. Through its patented products and partnerships, the company offers a complete line of entry, mill and finishing equipment.

About BEWO

Since our partnership began in 2009, we have been offering our clients the world’s leading automatic circular sawing systems. Netherlands-based Bewo has been producing industrial cutting systems since 1936. Their tube recut machines and other processing equipment allow you to automate more of your finishing line to improve efficiency and safety.