Horizontal Accumulators

Horizontal H-COIL Accumulator

The H-COIL™ horizontal accumulator is a traditional accumulator style and the most popular accumulator in the industry. It is typically used for very narrow, light gauge strips and very wide strips. Accumulated material allows the process line to run during coil changeover and coil end welding. This keeps your production process running without interruption, saving you costly downtime.


At Kent Corporation, we offer four types of horizontal accumulators:

HC Class

This HC Class accumulator features a traditional continuous tabletop surface, where the coil rotates at a fixed RPM. The fill ratio ranges from 1.8-2x the mill speed.


HVS Class

The HVS Class accumulator features a tabletop surface with an in-set of horizontal rolls that do not rotate around the arbor. The fill ratio of this HVS Class accumulator machine is generally 1.9 to 2.2x the mill speed.

HRSA Class

The HRSA Class accumulator features powered horizontal rolls around the perimeter of the machine and does not have a rotating plate. This machine matches the fill speeds of the Floop at 3x to 4x the mill speed.


HRSA Hybrid

The HRSA Hybrid accumulator combines the best of the H-COIL and Floop accumulators: with horizontal rolls and capabilities of the Floop. The HRSA Hybrid features powered horizontal rolls around the perimeter, it can be threaded like a Floop or H-COIL, allowing it to run in traditional or free-loop mode.


  • Keeps process running and decreases downtime
  • Flexible layout options
  • Less maintenance required


Model ClassFill Ratio RangePercent of Supply Coil Length to StorageMaximum Coil Capacity
HC Class1.8 to 244.4% to 50%0.5
HC / Free-Loop3 to 566.7% to 80%0.8
HVS Class1.9 to 2.247.4% to 54.5%0.5
HRSA Class3 to 566.7% to 80%2.5
HRSA Hybrid3 to 566.7% to 80%2.5


  • Standard, Allen Bradley controls (others available)
  • 12-month warranty
  • Entry turn stands (optional)
  • Auto tail out with complete entry systems (optional)
ModelMin. WidthMax. WidthMin. ThicknessMax. Thickness
Above sizes are general recommendations, please contact us to discuss your specific application.


Contact Kent Corporation to learn more about the H-COIL Horizontal Accumulator.

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