Installation Update: DieTronic ANTIRUST System

Installation Update: DieTronic ANTIRUST System

NORTH ROYALTON, OH (January 11, 2022) — Last year, Kent completed installation of two DieTronic ANTIRUST Systems for a leading fence producer in the Western USA.  This installation was the second and third machine the company had installed following a successful installation in late 2018.  The reason for the original installation of the spray system was to eliminate rust claims they were experiencing with inventory and shipments.  Following the first installation, the ANTIRUST System was successful in reducing their overall rusting claims by 90%.  This reduction in claims and reduced oil usage allowed the company to payback the initial investment in under a year!

The most recent two systems have also shown success in the first 6 months following installation.  These units have been able to reduce rusting claims by 60% and reduce oil usage by 30% and growing. These two systems are on track to payback the initial investment in under a year and a half!


About Kent Corporation
Since 1971, Kent Corporation has led the tubing, roll forming, stamping and strip processing industries around the world with its quality machinery, advanced engineering and unmatched customer service. Through its patented products and partnerships, the company offers a complete line of entry, mill and finishing equipment.

About DieTronic Lubrication System
Since 2014, Kent Corporation has partnered with Italian-based DieTronic SRL to provide tool and die customers and tube and mill customers with quality lubrication equipment. DieTronic’s antirust system for tube mills is a revolutionary solution to combat tube corrosion. This closed system precisely applies rust preventive fluid to protect your tube and reduce your overall fluid consumption by up to 60%. Their stamping machines feature sectorial automatic lubrication so you can dispense liquid in the exact area you need it on your blank. This controlled, programmable lubrication reduces lubricant consumption, provides a cleaner, safer environment for the operator, and reduces cleaning of the blank and facility after stamping. Contact our team to find out how DieTronic equipment can improve the efficiency of your production line.