Impeder Casings

A.) 327º C to 621º F max Ultratube is the newest style of impeder casing. Made from extruded Teflon. Ultratube gives increased wear resistance and strength for a longer lasting casing. At a working temp of 621º F, Ultratube could very well be the hottest running casing on the market.

B.) 210º max Magn-Tube is a newly developed proprietary ferrite impregnated casing that, in initial tests, has shown an average of at least 24% higher permeability rating than the leading competitor’s ferrite casing. In addition some ferrite cases can actually increase weld speeds by as much as 40% when running smaller diameters Impeders.

C.) 210º max 410º F… Silicon (or G7) casings are composed of high temp resin and silica. Silicon casing are primarily used with return flow impeders. Silicon casing is great for extreme heat applications.

D.) 180º max 356º F..Epoxy (G-10 or G-11) as some may know it) is a high strength epoxy resin that is reinforced with fiber glass. Epoxy casings have excellent wear properties.

  • Ferritol Equal of Epoxy because the base material is the same.
Impeder Casings